Water Shortage

I'm sure you've seen the rounds on social media regarding the now epidemic of water shortage in Cape Town. Honestly, I have not been good in conserving my water usage and I vow to change by collecting lots of buckets to water my garden and save the extra water from my daily showers for other … Continue reading Water Shortage

Car Ride To The New Year

As I sit in the backseat of my mom's car,a passenger. I am able to reflect on the year past,the night past. Staring out onto the beachfront as I pass the fishermen getting ready to start their day, the early beachgoers already out before 10am and the dogs frolicking in what I imagine to be … Continue reading Car Ride To The New Year

The Weekend

No, not the singer. I am talking about my weekend away with my family. If you follow me on social media, you would've been witness to the pics I've been posting. We hopped on over to Velddrif,to a quaint guest house called "Granny Macs"  What an awesome experience! To be almost 100% off the grid … Continue reading The Weekend

December Belle Box Giveaway

I am sure you've read my previous post about recieving a wonderfully awesome November Belle Box! If not,please do. I'll wait........................ Oh! I see you're back ☺ Let's down to busines.......it's simple. My competition colab this month is a December Belle Box Giveway.  Interested? What a rhetorical question - of course you are! So how … Continue reading December Belle Box Giveaway

A Look Into The November Belle Box

I arrived home yesterday and what did I see on the dining room table? My Belle Box!!!!! Man, was I excited ☺ I proceeded to rip open the packaging and I was enthralled by the pink paper. So bright. So beautiful.  I have been in talks with the owner and genius behind Belle Box SA … Continue reading A Look Into The November Belle Box

2017 Blogging Update

Ladies & Gents, it seems like forever since I posted. That's if you count 10 days as 'forever'. On another note, I am working really hard (like butt sweaty hard) at upping my blogging game and a part of that process is finding a Photographer.  Know someone who would be keen? Or are you an … Continue reading 2017 Blogging Update

How To Be A Better Parent In A Few Simple Steps

You can't! You're already doing the best you can. Kids alive? Yay you!!!! Your one and only job in this world, as a parent, is to love them, unconditionally and then to also teach them right from wrong, and all those other things. As human beings, I tend to think that we don't have many … Continue reading How To Be A Better Parent In A Few Simple Steps