The Flying Pan

The Flying Pan is a food delivery business based in Cape Town that was launched in March 2013 in response to a growing need for a healthy and convenient dinner service. Busy lives make meal planning, shopping and cooking difficult to do, and it’s often expensive to cook for one or two persons, not to mention the high volumes of food wastage. We set out to offer a complete dinner time solution, by creating healthy and delicious home-style dishes and delivering them straight to people’s homes or offices. Simply put, our service provides all the benefits of home cooking, without the fuss. Our tagline ‘Rethink Dinner’ encourages people to break the habit of shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning, and to consider dinner alternatives that work with modern, busy lifestyles.

Healthy Food Delivery

What sets us apart is our absolute dedication to delicious food and convenience. Food is prepared fresh using only high quality ingredients. All of our meals are chef made, and the owner and qualified Head Chef Mathew Hoepner is directly involved in the menu creation and cooking, resulting in exceptionally tasty food. We cater for different lifestyles with our three menus. Our classic menu consists of dinner time favourites from a range of cuisines, and features curries, pastas, Thai dishes, local South African favourites and more. Our low carb menu consists of meals that follow banting guidelines, and suit people who are trying to limit their carb intake. Our vegetarian menu offers a delicious variety of plant based foods, featuring stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, and nutritious Thai and Indian curries made with chickpeas, lentils, tofu, red kidney beans and more. Menus are rotated, meaning that customers won’t receive the same meal in a 8 week period. Prices range from R72 – R80 for large portions with free delivery to our service areas.


Not only do we focus on serving great food, but also on making the service as simple and convenient as possible. As such, we have embraced a simple-to-use online ordering system. Customers order food online and make use of multiple online payment method. We also give customers total flexibility in meals ordered which means there are no minimum orders or subscriptions. Customers simply have to get their orders in by Thursday 2pm for the following week’s deliveries.

Corporate and Wedding Catering

The Flying Pan also offers a highly personalised catering service, with a focus on delivering a unique food experience to customers that leaves a lasting impression. Customer requirements and food briefs are carefully considered when creating menus, and this includes paying close attention to the desired ambiance or theme of the event, presentation, and dietary requirements.


5 to 20

This is a post about how, for the month of September, I embarked on a “NO” eating plan

  • 5 days no bread
  • 5 days no sugar
  • 5 days no dairy
  • 5 days no meat

Was it hard? Hell yeah, because it just meant having to prep everything instead of grabbing a snytie brood*

I chose to start on the 1st of September because it made the most sense in terms of tracking the days.

5 days of no bread

Day number one was relatively easy. I had tomato, bacon, provitas and tea for breakfast. For lunch I had a bacon hawaian stir fry and my snackage game was slightly off – morning snack were some shaved carrots and an apple and afternoon snack was la packet of fritos

Day number two was slightly harder because it was a Saturday but I had provitas for brekkie with tea, for lunch I had a roast chicken pie from Woolies with a can of ice tea

Now I love Sundays and Sunday roasts so I had the whole tootie frootie. Also, I made lunch and because I hardly ever cook, went a tad overboard. Chicken, cabbage and carrot salad, potatoes, mixed veg, roast veg, avocado and vegan chicken strips.

Sunday evening I had a cheese sammich which I knew was so wrong but it was so lekker!

Day number 4 seemed to be a bit of a challenge. Day number one of the red river 😑but I prevailed, sort of. I had provitas and avo for brekkie and a pie for lunch. I had quite a lot of fruit for the day and for supper I had a vegan meal that I cooked – cauliflower and bean curry.

Day number 5 was a good day man. We did a photoshoot at work so I was looking reg and for lunch I had my Breyani from The Flying Pan which was so delicious that I wish there was more.

5 days of no sugar

Day one started off with a bang. I had toast with avo on and a grande latte. I had my lunch from The Flying Pan, which is more than filling! Definitely alot more food than I would usually pack in. For supper, it was obvs something my dad made.

The next two days comprised of latte’s and The Flying Pan lunches. Which the entire office was jelly over – the lunch not latte’s.

Day number three was a Saturday and I will admit to having coffee with 1 sugar in and then a lunch cappucino with 1 sugar aswell. I know the idea was to cut out the refined sugar but coffee with milk but no sugar? Might aswell have it black!

The last day I had cake. There you go! No shame. The entire family was over for lunch and I popped over to the shops for cream cake, milktart and a swiss roll. I also had coffee with 1 sugar.

5 Days No Dairy

Day number one was black tea and left over swiss roll. Lunch was homemade veg and some pasta bacon/chicken dish my cousin made and I had some pretzels/strawberries for lunch.


So I never finished this because my home got burgled in the middle of September but I will say that The Flying Pan was amazing and that my plan  took a slight detour but now that I am back on track, I’ll be enlisting The Flying Pan for all future foodiness.

New Segment on SUPERbusyMOM

Good Morrow Fellow Humanoids!

I am 100% sure you have not noticed my absencce but the reason for that, my absence, that is ; is because I was voileted about 3 weeks back and it has taken some time for me to get my or atleast most of my electronics back and in that time I have not missed blogging as much as I expected to. I am currently typing from my Vodacom 10 inch tab via the bluetooth keyboard. Not long after the aforementioned burglary, I got a cheap phone. A R500 Cell C Fantasy. Sorry to say but the WORST picture quality ever and so ridicously slow that a normal WhatsApp message takes easily 5 min to type. I am planning to upgrade but right now I am not by the financial means to do so. The phone I am looking at getting is R3000 #donationswelcome .

The reason for this post iss because I am doing a 12 part series The Truth Behind Parent Bloggers

This segment will consists of blogs / social media profiles I have or am planning to stalk. BeforeI embark on posting this series I will want to make sure that I am asking the right questions.

If you would like to be apart of this 12 part series, please pop me an email on

A 3AM Burglary

Sounds like an awesome title of a book, right?

Like one you’d see with a picture of a bandit on, creeping across the cover

But it is not, it is my life

Ok so that was a tad dramatic

Actually, it was my life

On Friday, 15 September, roughly between the hours of 3am and 4am, my house was burgled

Not in your classic they-took-the-tv style but more so they-were-in-the-room-with-me style

Not long after the burglarly happened, I tried to do a post but it was all too real, at the time & what seemed like writer’s block was just uncertainty

Who would listen to my cry?

Would people actually stop to listen?

Not respond with it-also-happened-to-me?

Let’s jump 5 sentences back, did you read that? Like actually read it? Not skim over it like one of the many politically incorrect or crime ridden stories that circutales on the regular?

Although I am not very good with words and hardly ever grammatically correct, let me attempt to paint a picture

I have a 3:30am alarm, it alarmed, I switched it off & not long after that, I saw someone in my room; naturally I thought it was my dad

<jumping straight to the juice>

I awoke, startled, at 4:03am (*I assume), only to frantically but still very tiredly search for my phone to no avail. I stare at the desk, wondering why it looks as barren as my lovelife only to realise that both my work and personal laptop are missing.

I proceed to the parents room (I hope you have caught on that I now live with my folks), check mom’s phone, it’s 4:07am; I proceed to where they sleep and very calmly sayDaddy, my laptops are gone

Mom and Dad jump like spring chickens, dad very cautiously goes downstairs & voila, we’ve been burgled!

I will not tell you what they stole because that is not important. What is important is that a week later, I DREAD going to bed this evening. It does not feel like a week since this happened. It feels like a lifetime ago. Like it did not even happen to me. I will tell you, though, how amazingly calm I am. Even when it happened. Even now. I guess I am telling you this because it could’ve been worse.

Had I died, no one would have known because……life; one of the many reasons though

So although I might not be as riverting or grammarticarly correct as the other bloggers you follow, I am real

Just like them, my stories are real

They might not always be long but that are to the point

Dear Lord, stuff isn’t as important as some people think. Help me remember that the things I own aren’t as important as the person I am becoming. Amen

The Unseeable

I feel your hands wrap around my neck as I remain completely calm

A panic rises inside me

A scream wanting to escape but I know there is no one to save me

I adjust my shirt and for a brief moment I feel relief

Only to have you wrap your hands around my neck


Slowly now

I am not sure if I imagining this or is this darkness a reality

Where has it come from

Where has my brightness escaped

I feel like shouting “I’m getting choked” but I know that this is only my imagination

They cannot see me struggle

They cannot feel my anxiety and desperation rise

Why am I feeling this cloak of darkness shade me

Why are you hurting me?

What are you trying to prove?

Have I somehow veered off course?

You slowly loosen your grip but not enough for me to forget that you’re still there

A panic sets in

Something gnaws at my insides

Reminding me of what once was

You’re still here

I feel you

I know it’s only my imagination

I know they cannot see you

They would think I’m crazy if I spoke

The unseeable

I feel you, choking me

And I want to give in

Knocking On Deaths Door

I find myself thinking of you

At odd times

As I stare out of the work window

Watching the palm trees sway in the wind

Listening to music

Imagining the way you danced

How it gave you so much joy

Wondering how you turned into that

To drugs

Was it that easy

Or was it just easier to follow the leader

Your husband

As he slowly dragged you down

You loved him so much

I don’t think he loved you as much

He put his family, his work above you

Above the kids

They need you

They miss you terribly

I miss you

I can’t help but imagine all we could’ve been

How many great adventures we would’ve gone on

This has been a strange week

Thinking of the dead and how much I miss them

I imagine us



Best friends

Finding joy and comfort in company and in each other

I miss you


I think of you now

Mesmerized by the swaying of the palm trees

Wishing I was as free

Clouded Moon

As she shines so brightly in the morning sky

Her beauty often unnoticed

She rises

Stands tall

In the morning she sets

No radio broadcast about how her magnificientness

She goes unnoticed

As we sleep she shines brightly

Often wounded with spears of unlove

She serves

Every night

Standing tall

Never failing

Under a shroud of cloud

I see her beauty

Whats In Your Bag

With a bit of drizzle comes a new SUPERbusyMOM segment

As always, a mommy segment

What’s in your bag?

All you’ve got to do to be apart of this segment is throw absolutely everything out of your bag, assemble in a decent way so that we can see what happens in the deep crevices of your lif, take a pic, tag me and if you’d like please tell us a bit of a back story about what the hell we see infront of us #WhatsInYourBagWithMe

Now, I am quite religious about cleaning my bag and I normally have more than one bag, each for different occasions so it’s normally not as receipt filled as usual 😎

I Want A Daddy

No, not me

I already have one

A damn good one at that

The kid

She is 5 years old now

She hasn’t said that she wants one , outloud but she has been making reference to “daddies” on TV shows and her playing has more so encompassed the word “daddy”

Now, when she was 3 years old she already asked me about this situation and , at the time, I explained to her that she was just too young at the time

Now though, how much longer can I avoid it? Yes I know that avoiding it is ultimately not the best or wisest decision but you know, just sometimes.

I have asked her, more than once, on those days I am feeling less than, if she wanted one.

A daddy.

You know, as if it’s just that easy click of the finger to get a dad.




I am fearful for what the future holds. How different, successful or not, will she turn out because of the decisions I’ve made. The actions that took place.

Many of you do not know that for 2 years I have been fighting a financially draining journey. Recently though, I won.

Now won is not the right term but I sure as hell didn’t lose but how will my “winning” now affect her in 6 months, at 6 years?

Have I made a grave mistake by doing what I think was right? Even though he doesn’t contribute, at all? Am I wrong? Am I robbing her of an important relationship?

She has my dad though, my grandfather, my brother, uncle and cousin.

Alot of good strong men.

Does one really make a difference?

I know she needs a daddy but does she really need that one?

The worst version of me

I have become her

The one I hate

She has been hidden for so long

She has emerged



Why now

I remember her

She is horrible

Quick to react

Even faster to anger

She makes me hate myself

That hatred feels like burning hot whisky down my throat

She is hateful

Seething with black dark unforgiving love

Her guilt makes it impossible to sleep



Trying to figure out how to make things right

Praying for forgiveness

For knowledge


I hate her

She makes me ugly


To me even

She makes me want to slit my wrists snd get a one way ticket out of here

I hate that she has taken so much of my life already

6 years and a bit more

Now this

She has resurfaced

Like a friend cut off at the first sign of peer pressure

She turns me into a monster

Rearing it’s ugly diseased head

Taking days

Even weeks to calm down

She enjoys this


Grabbing me right in the middle of my chest

Pulling me towards the darkness

And I just give in

So weak

Trying to fight but she has a hold on me

Like 10 people holding me

Too tight

Unable to breathe

She takes over as I try to live

She brings out the ugly in me

The ugliest part of me

I need to find the off button

I don’t like being this ugly