Why I Think You Should Watch Three Girls

The heartbreaking true story of the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal has been aired last week on BBC 1’s newest TV drama – Three Girls.

It started on BBC 1 just started last week Tuesday and is based on a true story of the pre teen victims of a sexual exploitation / grooming ring. 

It also sheds a light on how these young ladies were let down by authorities. It covers topics on how the girls were overwhelmed with free alchohol, food and smokes. The sexual grooming was done by a few men,about 9 – 15 & there were more than 50 victims over the space of 4 + years. 

Three Girls focuses more on Amber, Ruby & Holly.

I think you should watch this 3 part true story series because as parents, we need to be less focused on our screens and more on our kids. Especially in South Africa. Things are just insane and with all the rapes and murders happening, we certainly need to be more open that not everyone is as “clean cut” as us.

Sexual grooming





Our kids are at risk to something bigger than us. Let us educate them & stay aware.


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