Drunk Without Drinking

My brain is tired. Crying tears of exhaustion. I can see it, well I can imagine it. Words are not fully formed when exiting my mouth and my body is non compliant. Could it be that I am too tired or just broken? Small miracles this past week. Even bigger ones to come. I cannot seem to form coherent sentences, face to face. Words falling each other and each word never really ending with it’s purposed letter. Is it safe to even be here? Awake? Am I making any sense? Have you stopped reading? I hope not. Maybe this is my cry for help. Maybe this is my last straw. Will someone continue reading, respond and save me? Or must I save myself? For we enter the World alone, surely we leave it alone too? When are you close to combustion who will settle your soul? When my mind is too busy and my lips are too fast, where is the silence and the saving?


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