Father Are You Coming?

This post will not be long
It will not be about “daddy issues”

This is about Christ

The big JC

So please leave now if you feel, in any way that you could be offended

With all that is happening in South Africa (also the rest of the World), alot of social media posts have been asking , “Is this the end?”

Well, is it?

As a Christian. Albeit one who does not attend the ‘building’ much, I do think the end is coming.

Today? Tomorrow? This very second?

I’m not going to lecture you about how you should repent for your sins because #GlassHouses but you know where and how you stand in this World. What you believe in. 

What I will say is this

With all these senseless killings and rapes, does it not pose the question “what is He trying to say?” Are the warning signs not evident enough for us do something? Our justice system is a joke. Our political stance is a joke. I don’t listen to politics or pay much mind to what happens in South Africa because it tends to the same old repetitive heartbreak. I should though. In most cases I am ashamed / embarassed to be a Coloured but these past few weeks, I am ashamed / embarassed to be a South African. Today, I believe, will not be peaceful. How will #ZumaMustFall be any different to #FeesMustFall ? I know things like these (marches/riots) happen all over the World but South Africa? Come on guys!

On a lighter note, it remains Friday and atleast we have the weekend to look forward to.

With light & love,

Be safe 

Be vigilant



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