December Belle Box Giveaway

I am sure you’ve read my previous post about recieving a wonderfully awesome November Belle Box! If not,please do. I’ll wait……………………

Oh! I see you’re back ☺

Let’s down to busines…….it’s simple. My competition colab this month is a December Belle Box Giveway. 

Interested? What a rhetorical question – of course you are!

So how do you enter? Simple. 

■ LIKE the Belle Box Facebook Page

■ LIKE the SUPERbusyMOM 2.0 Facebook Page

■ Tweet SUPERbusyMOM 2.0 and The Belle Box SA

■ Follow SUPERbusyMOM 2.0 on Instagram and Twitter

and lastly,

■ Comment on this post with #BelleBoxSA #SUPERbusyMOM #December #ItsChristmas #ImAWinner

22 thoughts on “December Belle Box Giveaway

    1. Good Morning Nicola. Unfortunately you won’t be eligible to enter as this competition closed last night at Midnight as per my Insta post. Please LIKE and FOLLOW me on my various social media channels. I have 3 more competitions running


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