And Then I Was Going To Post This As “Ghost Writer”


I think I don’t allow myself to be happy because any happiness I may experience, might take what happiness she deserves away

Not happiness as a mother
Happiness as a single person
As a woman
For 4 years she has been lacking, I’m sure I could go without
It is easier to sit and convince myself that working on myself for 5 + years is where it’s at
Day 2 and I can already sense the fakeness
It is less stressful now that I’m off the radar
Now that I’ve asked for a break
Still checking my phone but nice to know that I don’t owe anyone anything
Even if all I want is to be in your arms and hear how much you love me
It is easier to be happier as a mother and as a single person than to tempt fate by allowing a little bit of happiness outside of the bubble
Not alone
Not lonely
Not sad
Just A Happy Mommy





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