So Today I Write This Post For You

I write this post because I know you read my blog and sometimes, the whole world needs to know a little bit extra………’s my little bit extra


I met the father of my child in 2010, a few months after I came back from London. Fell head first inlove with him and he became my entire world. Fell pregnant a few months after being together, lost that baby.


Found out September 2011 that I was pregnant with my daughter and proceeded to welcome her into the world on 22 May 2012.


Ended things with him, end 2013 and he hasn’t been to see her since. It took me a long time [and a child] to realise how bad/toxic he was for my life. It did not take long for me to get over him, because once I acknowledged the negativity he brought into our lives, that feeling of elation and love soon passed. He also did not like being pushed aside. For 5 some years he was all I ever cared about.


I have been single since end 2013, been on a date 2014 and that’s it. My life is what it is. I have become accustomed and allowing you in, allowing you a little bit of what and who I am is going to take a while. Not forever but awhile.


I am not damaged. He did not destroy me. I do not need anyone to rebuild me. I am whole. I am ok. I am not damaged goods.


I post this knowing that there are many layers to me. I am not only what I allow you to see. There is so much more to me. You will never know the whole me. As a mother I have figured out how to not let my child’s moods get to me. As a woman, I have not not figured out to let go of you and what you do to me.


You are a real, definite and foreseeable distraction. I know you’re worth my time but am I worth yours?


Your Future Wife, Child [because if you take me, you take her] & Not – Yet Born Children



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