Friday……..I should be happy


It’s been a day and a half since I posted and in such, I have taken a break from blogging. Not an intentional break. A mistake break. It started when I passed my license. No time. 2 months. Almost. Even now, it’s like I’ve lost all ability or want to post. Talk. Like my opinion doesn’t matter on the outside, so why should it matter in the inside? If they don’t care, then why would you? I am a bit envious of other bloggers who posted daily and always seem to have something to say. It would be great to get a bit more traffic to my blog. It sure would. People entering competitions. People sharing my posts & my page. Actual people. Actual interest. I think a revamp is in order. Buying my own domain name. Starting anew. As a licensed driver it has become harder for me to post. I am always driving. Wanting to spend 99% of my time with my daughter. As if there is a way to spend more time with her. This post is jumbled. I am jumbled. It’s all jumbled. My mind. My words. Even my life. Right now; but not for very long. I really need to earn more money. Alot more. For all of this! I want to go overseas. To visit. To stay. To work. London. Dubai. America. I’ve been single since November 2013 and I feel happier with my license, knowing I can come and go as I please. I was told, by a Dr, that I need to lose weight. I found out that a few of my family members have liked my  FB page and that is also daunting (I found out a few days ago). Knowing that this blog was my sacred ground where I was or should be unapologetically me. Everything is just up in arms and sometimes I wish I could just have 5 minutes to have a total breakdown. To get it all out and then be ok. I need an intervention. A hugvention.



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