Ghost Writer | The Truth

I am a horrible parent. And not in the usual “I shouted at my child and now regret it”. More like “I told my child to JUST GO and I proceeded to exit through the other door”. Ended up pretend sleeping in the car. It’s like I’m 16 again. I can’t get my way and I storm the fuck out! I am a horrible parent. I am a single parent. I don’t regret anything. I don’t wish my child away. But this is the truth. This is my truth. I never wanted this life. I never thought I would be this un-level headed. I should know better. Especially now. It’s been years. Why am I not a good parent? Alone we’re perfect. But just add these other fuckers in and BOOM 💣, it’s like a freakin bomb! I am a horrible parent. I’m scaring my child. For life. How do I undo it? Undo me? I show my child love. I show my child care. But those moments I snap have a much bigger and long lasting impact than all those other times I loved my child. I love my child. I don’t regret my child. I would not change my world for anything or anyone at all. I would be lost without my child. My child is my life. I am me because of my child. But how do I become a better version of this horrible parent self,for my child?



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