So, you know how in your life you’re asked to make a decision. You know you’re not happy where you are and you know that, for you and yours, you need to get up and move the hell on! Well, just a few days ago, I was asked to make a decision. At the time,it was the absolute hardest decision,for me, and at that time.


Of course, you don’t know what is best. If you knew, then and there, then it wouldn’t be such a hard decision would it? It’s hard because you’re torn. It’s something you want. Something you need. It’s hard because it’s so far out of your comfort zone.


Decisions are easy but it’s the inbetween that’s hard. The “is it worth it?” “do i want to start all over again?” “what if i don’t cut it?”


It’s the inbetween that’s hardest. It’s the inside. The middle. All the gunk you’ll have to deal with. In the end, it will be worth it. Whatever you decide. The decision. It will all fall into place. Every single puzzle piece. Like a mirror staring back at you. It will all make sense

*all pics courtesy of We ♡ It*


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