What you’re missing


👈👈👈👈 You see this? This thing here, on the left, with that ever so annoying blue sign? You see it,right? Well, that’s the thing I’ve been bombarding you about. OPPORTUNITY. When have you ever said NO to opportunity? Where would you be today if you said no? I get it, it’s 2015 & we’re all busy & who has the time right? Well, like an important job interview (opportunity), you make the time!


I am not asking for your money. I am not asking you to sacrifice something that is unimaginable. I am asking for something that is plausible. Time. Your time. 60 minutes. That’s all. It’s not alot. It’s only a few minutes of your life where you just sit your ass down and listen. Probably the easiest and most simple thing you’ll be asked to do this year. Sit. Listen.


It does not require you to spend copious amounts of money. It’s all just a little bit of time. 60 minutes. Hell,I’ll even buy you a cuppa after. Seriously. I need 4 things. Simple things. Things you give away freely every single day!


• Your attention
• Your time
• Your butt
• Your ears


Interested or just plain bis? Holla at a sister & we’ll get talking 😉

♡ Skype ♡ zmountainz
♡ WhatsApp ♡ 079 861 9603
♡ BBM ♡ 7F48C449
♡ Email ♡ athena.japhta@gmail.com
♡ Facebook ♡ Athena Mechay Japhta
♡ Instagram ♡ Superbusymom143
♡ Twitter ♡ SUPERbusyMOM143
♡ or just leave a reply in the comments below 👇 and I’ll get back to you, like ASAP ♡



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