Hashtag Blessed

Oh. My. Goodness! Winter is here and I came to a realization this evening, while in the shower – I AM SO BLESSED. ABUNDANTLY 😉


I LOVE Winter and the cold weather but tonight I realised how blessed I am. I get to come home and have a steamimg hot shower, a hot plate of food and I get to cuddle underneath the blankets. I get to keep my heater on for a bit longer than usual and I get to be warm. Coffee/Hot Chocolate whenever I want #noloadshedding #dankieEskom . Blessed. Seriously.


I get to watch as my child stomps her way through puddles,because she is finally old enough to enjoy moments like these. I get to hold her close at night, to not only protect her but also to keep her warm.


I get to feed her a delicious warm meal. I get to see her bath her and wrap her tightly in her towel. I get to experience this with her. I get to think back to when she was born and how time has changed. I get to anticipate. I get to reminisce.


Not many people do. Gosh,if I could just butter a slice of bread and put some soup in a stryofoam cup and hand it to the homeless. To warm them for that little bit of time. To fill those little tummies,even for a little bit. Makes a small difference. To show my daughter that kindness. To show her the world is different. To help


I am blessed. She is blessed. We are all blessed. Let’s go out and bless another. To find out more,send me an email athena.japhta@gmail.com with the subject heading WORDPRESS BLESSING. 😙

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍


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