Notice Me

I still want him. All of him. His arms around me. I miss him. Deeply. Insanely. Am I crazy? I think so. I’m not wanting the sex. I’m not wanting the sex or the passion. I’m wanting him. The him I fell inlove with. The him I constantly crave. Like some drug addicted prisoner.  Perhaps it’s not love,it’s probably just crazy infatuation. Crazy infatuation that I can’t have him. Crazy infatuation that I hope he is the one. For me. For always. It is a pulling emotion. A pulling heart. A hurting. I know it’s crazy and I come across as crazy,obsessive and completely pyscho but who am I to stop what my heart wants,when all my heart wants is you. It’s not like you don’t know. It’s not like I haven’t told you. It’s just that I sit here. Waiting. Waiting for you to say something. Dammit! Anything really. I want him. I need him. Perhaps the picture I’ve painted is not a reality. Perhaps the picture I’ve painted is obscured. Perhaps the picture I painted is not you,it is not me. It is an alternate universe where love happens. An alternate universe when you see me and I see you. Some crazy Hollywood shit. I want him. I want you. Think what you may but my heart is pained. It is in pain. I am in pain. I AM IN PAIN!!!!!! I want you. I need you. Where are you? Notice me.




I don’t care how stupid I sound or naive I sound. I just don’t care. It had to be said. I had to say it. Notice Me.

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍


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