The Motherhood Diaries: What kids do

Zineah drank toilet water the other day. Let that sink in. Seriously. Read that first sentence again. Read it more than once if you need to. Let it sink all the way in. Like all the fuckin way. Now take the way you feel and imagine how I felt? Disgusted, yes? But I let her drink it. Yes I did. She literally ran into the bathroom with her cup that contained damn good CLEAN, from the fuckin tap kinda water and what does she do? FILLS the cup with vuil, kak en piss water. Was I upset? No. What I did I do? I let her drink it. All of it. The whole cup. Am I a bad mother? No. Am I a perfect mother? Hells to the fuckin no! So,you’re probably wondering why I let my child drink that toilet water? Well,because it’s a learning experience for her. I let her climb on shit and run and be naked. I do not let her get dirty. I am at the ready with a fuckin bag of wet wipes. All the time. 24/7. I let her do it because she needs to learn. I need to learn. She will fall, drink from random outlets and she will get dirty. I can’t keep her my pretty baby forever. It’s toilet water. She picked up a old entjie bud the other day. I hit it out of her hand. Toilet water. She is ok. Still, toilet water. Like seriously? She knows how to open the tap and then toilet water. She’s playing. Experimenting. I don’t mind. I love her. All of her. She is my little explorer. My beautiful baby girl that drinks toilet water. My beautiful baby girl. Mine. A gift. My toilet water drinker.




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