I have the peplum to thank for hiding my fat. My stubborn just doesnt wanna budge belly fat. I have lost it and then gained it all the way fuckin back. For some reason,for the past 2 weeks I look like some sort of pregnant but not really pregnant person. Like its all just sloppy fat and just there. Just fuckin there. Its a major pain in the ass. Even in my disgusting fatness, I still have alot of tightly fitting clothing. Even my jeans dont fit. Bought a size 12 pants at Mr P the other day,coz their 10 doesnt fit me. The 12 doesnt close. It goes up which is an improvement but it doesnt close. Doesnt even attempt to button up. I guess my ass isn’t much help. Just as fuckin huge. But I do thank the peplum. Was never a huge fan of it but it has its perks. If it wasnt for the peplum then my fat would just be there, like on display.

To the peplum!!!!!!!


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