vent-ilator #lol get it?

I loathe my job….let’s just get that out of the way AND I would like to specify that I never once said my blog would be one theme aligned (pretty sure it’s not the right word).
This is NOT going to be a long ass blogpost – I just needed to say something to someone,and I hope there are alot of someones reading my posts.
I get daily headaches from how much I hate this place and you know how people always say they are leaving their current place of employment because there is no career growth there ; well in my case it’s the damn truth! Branch Administrator year in and year out. I’ve worked it out and seems like they’ve had quite a few different administrators in the past years and they all only last a year. I bet it has something to do with the loneliness and the ridiculous pressure and being treated like a fuckin child! I want to own my own business. I want to be someone in a company. I’m not about the money but I don’t always wanna be just admin – I wanna be the person everyone needs.

Too much to ask for? I think not!
Feeling #bleh


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